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Anhui Masteel powder metallurgy company, founded high-tech enterprises has made important breakthroughs

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 Recently, Anhui Masteel powder metallurgy company in Anhui Province won the 2015 title of the second batch of high-tech enterprises, and another "SpongeBob ingot ingot unloading machine" and other six inventions were granted utility model patents, "car with high strength and high density reduced iron powder "was identified as high-tech products, made an important breakthrough in shaping Magang iron brand image, promote scientific and technological innovation. With continued downward macroeconomic our company to actively adapt to the new normal economy, in efforts to promote energy-saving 20,000 tons of reduced iron powder technological transformation projects at the same time, the eyes inward, strengthen basic management, constantly seeking technological progress, to squeeze the market provide support. On the one hand, the company has set up a committee of experts, powder metallurgy engineering and technology research center, the establishment and perfection of the related system, and actively seek technical cooperation with universities to establish research base, a solid foundation of technology management; on the other hand, close close to the market, is committed to improving product technology, hard power, organization and implementation of the "soft magnetic powder with the development of" 12 key research projects, and increase research and development of new products, technology research to further strengthen the contribution of cost reduction and efficiency . October 15, 20,000 tons of reduced iron fine reduction of energy-saving technological transformation projects of new power transmission system No. 2 furnace operation, is another major achievement last year after the 197 m tunnel kiln production achieved. Anhui Masteel powder metallurgy company will be awarded the title of high-tech enterprises in Anhui Province as an opportunity to actively apply for municipal engineering and technology research center, the full implementation of science and technology "little giant" plan, accelerating the "high-performance ferrite calcined material wet production line "superfine iron and other projects, development of high and low apparent density than the loose powder, premix start trial production, continuously adjust and optimize the product structure, and strive to meet market demand for the production of high value-added products, to achieve rapid and sustainable business transformation and upgrading healthy growth.

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